Shared Biology Resources

Joseph Murray

Tree Literacy, LLC

Williamsville, Virginia

“Handout” from my recent presentation:

Shared Biology: Discovering Your Inner Tree

Here are some of the resources I used in my presentation:

What A Plant Knows. Daniel Chamovitz. 

The Secret Life of Plants. I do recommend reading the book. However, be very careful referencing the “experiments” and “evidence” described in the book.

The Intelligent Plant. Michael Pollan. Article in The New Yorker. December 23, 2013.

Suzanne Simmard.  Professor of Forestry. University of British Colombia. She's studying mycorrhizal networks in forests. 

Plant Signaling and Behavior (The Society for Plant Neurobiology).

Stefano Mancuso giving a TED Talk - The Roots of Plant Intelligence (October, 2010).